SMB Enumeration


A next generation version of enum4linux (a Windows/Samba enumeration tool) with additional features like JSON/YAML export.

Running enum4linux-ng without any enumeration option is equivalent to running it with -A (un mostly all common modules), which is similar to enum4linux -a option.

It's possible to save all the results as a JSON file so you can use them with other tools.

$ enum4linux-ng -A -u 'svc_user' -p 'azerty1234' -oJ enum4linux-ng_output

Results extraction

A quick Ruby script would allow you to extract all users or all groups from the AD in a parsable way:

require 'json'

data = JSON.load_file('enum4linux-ng_output.json')

case ARGV[0]
when 'users'
  puts data['users'].map { |_k,v| v['username'] }
when 'users_id'
  puts data['users'].map {|k,v| "#{k},#{v['username']}" }
when 'groups'
  puts data['groups'].map { |_k,v| v['groupname'] }
when 'groups_id'
  puts data['groups'].map {|k,v| "#{k},#{v['groupname']}" }
  puts '[+] Usage: <users|users_id|groups|groups_id>'


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