Pattern create

Assume the pattern length = 500 (you can change it to any value). By default this will create 20280 probabilities max.

pattern_create = ('Aa0'..'Zz9').to_a.join.each_char.first(500).join

In case you need longer a pattern (ex. 30000) you can do the following

pattern_create = ('Aa0'..'Zz9').to_a.join
pattern_create = pattern_create  * (30000 / 20280.to_f).ceil

Pattern offset

I'll assume the pattern was equal or less than “20280” and we are looking for “9Ak0” pattern characters. The pattern_create should be initialized from above

pattern_offset = pattern_create.enum_for(:scan , '9Ak0').map {Regexp.last_match.begin(0)}

Note: This does not consider the Little-endian format, for that there is extra code that should be written. For more info, please take a look at the following [code][1].

Generate all hexadecimal values from \x00 to \xff

puts (0..255).map {|b| ('\x%02X' % b)}
  • To change value presentation from (\xea to 0xea), change \x%x to 0x%x

  • To make all letters capital (\xea to \xEA) , change \x%x to \x%X

Generate all printable characters

(32..126).map {|c| c.chr}

short and unclean

(32..126).map &:chr


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