Q What is Rubyfu?

Rubyfu is a book to use not to read!. It's a clean, clear ruby book for hackers. As we need a periodical small/big tasks in our daily hacking, this book comes to reduce the number of wasting time in googling "How to do X in ruby" let's focus on hacking our target and find the how here.

Q How to get the best benefits of Rubyfu?

The concept of this book is the need to know, so

  • open Rubyfu.net, click read button.

  • on the browser tab, right-click, "Pin-tab"

  • read the code and the code's comments.

  • run it in Ruby interpreter IRB/pry to see each line's execution.

  • run the whole code in a script

  • enhance the code to fit your needs

  • and yeah, tweet the code and its output to @Rubyfu, we'd love that!

Q Why Ruby language?

Why not?!

Q Why there is no explanation for beginners?

We respect all beginners and newcomers from all levels and all programming languages; But, this book helps certain type of people (hackers) to find a common challenging code in their journey. So with our love, we add good references to help you to start and we can't wait to see you writing to this book.

Q If I can add valuable contents to beginners section, shall I?

In this stage we're really focusing on the core, the How. however, if you have really valuable and complete contents to add, we may add a complete chapter for beginners in this book and we may add you to the authors list as well. Till that moment, you can do a spelling, grammar, etc review.

Q Do you add contributors name even it was small contribution?

Yes, in a make sense amount of contribution, of course ;)

Q Why did you choose GitBook?

Here are some main reasons:

  • Easy to read

  • Easy to write - using markdown

  • Easy to contribute - using GitHub

  • Easy to manage - contributions, views, etc

  • And you can download the book with many formats - PDF, EPUB, etc

Q When this book get completed?

Well, it shouldn't; This book is an experience-based book, so as far as we learn from our daily hacking and the need of automation we'll keep update this book.

Q What if I didn't understand some code in Rubyfu?

No problem, DON'T HESITATE to open an issue and ask us anything, anytime.

Q What's the communication channel of Rubyfu book

You can contact us on one of the following channels

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